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NEC NP3250W projector lamp replacement bulb with housing - high quality replacement lamp

Projector Accessories
This Shopforbattery part number SFP-173_122932 is the premium projector lamp for your NEC NP3250W. This projector lamp is a brand new lamp with NEW housing. It is different from other sellers that only sell the bare lamp or bare bulb. This NEC NP3250W projector lamp is made in Taiwan and comes with 90 days warranty. All lamps are tested before leaving the manufacturer to ensure the best quality of the lamp.

Projector lamp module which is designed and maufactured for NEC NP3250W.
Brand new lamp with new housing. It is NOT just the bare lamp or bare bulb.
Made in Taiwan and with huge inventory in US to ensure fast shipping
90 days manufacturer warranty.
All lamps are tested at the manufacturer before leaving the facility